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A well-constructed portfolio will try to attain the best risk adjusted performance through superior research, insight and appropriate diversification. The implementation and monitoring of any investment or portfolio will have charges that will affect returns in the short and long term. Whilst all investments have their unique features, often many similar or indeed the same investments offered by different local financial institutions will have extraordinarily different charging structures. This can be due to an advisor adding on their own entry/exit and management charges (for a managed portfolio service) on top of the charges made by the mutual fund manager from which they are also compensated.

Where clients want the diversification, security and performance record of a particular mutual fund or fund company or multi manager, we believe it is wrong for clients to be charged again on top of the fund or product costs from which all advisors are already compensated.

We sincerely believe that higher charges can be a deterrent to investors implementing and most importantly sticking with a good diversified investment strategy.

Many world class performing funds are offered with no front-end load.

High net worth or experienced investors can also access funds without paying any entry or exit charges and no additional annual charges on top of the fund charges.