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Mondial International Financial Services

Mondial (Trinidad) Ltd. is an Investment Advisor located in the Caribbean, specialising in providing investment advice to individual investors and corporate or institutional clients.

  • We are registered with the Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission as Investment Advisors.
  • We deal with both local and International financial institutions to help our clients protect and create wealth.

Why Mondial?

  • Over 20 Years of Experience

    Mondial is proud of its long-term commitment to our clients, building on eighteen years experience in the region. As a result we are well placed to understand client needs and requirements, enabling us to give you personalised and specific advice on both local, regional and international investments.

  • Part of the Worldwide Institutional Network

    Our expertise is enhanced by a worldwide institutional information network, helping us to provide up-to-the-minute information, as well as sound long term strategic advice. Our experience of dealing with many of the worlds leading financial institutions over two decades provides us with the knowledge and experience to assist clients in taking advantage of the ups and downs of the financial markets.

  • Based in Trinidad

    The Mondial office in Trinidad is the permanent base for the team who cover your area.

  • Long Term Commitment

    Three of the Directors started with Mondial over 20 years ago. Our commitment to provide advice over the longer term is as strong as when we commenced trading.

Our Role, Security, Independence & Partners

  • Mondial, as the investor’s advisor, has a primary role of recommending a financial strategy designed to help achieve the client’s agreed financial objectives.

    Important tasks include:

    Advice on investment assets to meet the client’s current and future needs as identified and agreed in the investment meetings.

    Comparison of financial institutions – a suitable institution must offer security, flexibility, competitive charges, as well as good performance.

    Portfolio construction in partnership with the client.

    Long-term monitoring of investments and investment strategy.

    Mondial is always on hand to give ongoing advice and guidance to clients on all matters concerning finances.

  • Security for the investor is paramount. We have seen that institutional safety is not necessarily guaranteed by regulation or legislation. Therefore as well as advising clients to use institutions that have complied with all the local registration requirements, we also look for protection from simple, transparent and time tested investment structures.

    This approach can also hugely limit costs, both at inception and during the life of many investments.

    Franklin Templeton for example is recommended not only for its award winning performance and depth of global research but because Franklin resources has the highest credit rating of any asset management company. Peace of mind helps our clients especially in times of crisis when fear has often created problems for the smaller or less credit worthy institutions.

    Mondial does not handle client funds directly. Investment monies are sent direct to the investing institutions by the client, and redemptions or maturing investments are paid directly back to the clients. This process allows clients to focus on their portfolios rather than worry about their advisors finances.

  • Our experience has shown that no one financial institution can be the best provider of investments across all asset types or the full product range. One of our central propositions is that not only will performance and risk vary considerably with similar investments from different institutions, but that these variables will also change over time. This can result in large differences in returns over the long term.

    Many institutions have particularly superior expertise and performance in certain areas. Our truly independent business model allows us to advise our clients to utilize various institutions in their overall portfolio, matching investment requirements with the leaders in the different investment areas.

    A typical high net worth portfolio including cash, local stocks and bonds, global stocks, developing/emerging market stocks and alternative assets may best be constructed with different institutions or managers. This allows the client to benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that his diversification of risk is improved and potential returns increased.

    Our mission is to help protect and grow our clients capital and we believe that our long-standing independence is a key factor in achieving that goal.

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    • Mary King
    • Herman Rodrigues
    • Martha D’Abadie
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  • We have had a history of working with other financial intermediaries or advisors who want to give more comprehensive advice to their clients. Often teaming up with other professionals from the financial, legal or accounting sectors can result in more comprehensive wealth management solutions.

    If you feel that your clients may benefit, we would be delighted to meet discuss our services in more detail and explain how we work with other professionals.