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Our experience has shown that no one financial institution can be the best provider of investments across all asset types or the full product range. One of our central propositions is that not only will performance and risk vary considerably with similar investments? from different institutions, but that these variables will also change over time. This can result in large differences in returns over the long term.

Many institutions have particularly superior expertise and performance in certain areas. Our truly independent business model allows us to advise our clients to utilize various institutions in their overall portfolio, matching investment requirements with the leaders in the different investment areas.

A typical high net worth portfolio including cash, local stocks and bonds, global stocks, developing/emerging market stocks and alternative assets may best be constructed with different institutions or managers. This allows the client to benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that his diversification of risk is improved and potential returns increased.

Our mission is to help protect and grow our clients capital and we believe that our long-standing independence is a key factor in achieving that goal.