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Security for the investor is paramount. We have seen that institutional safety is not necessarily guaranteed by regulation or legislation. Therefore as? well as advising clients to use institutions that have complied with all the local registration requirements, we also look for protection from simple, transparent and time tested investment structures.

This approach can also hugely limit costs, both at inception and during the life of many investments.

Franklin Templeton for example is recommended not only for its award winning performance and depth of global research but because Franklin resources has the highest credit rating of any asset management company.?Peace of mind helps our clients especially in times of crisis when fear has often? created problems for the smaller or less credit worthy institutions.

Mondial does not handle client funds directly. Investment monies are sent direct to the investing institutions by the client, and redemptions or maturing investments are paid directly back to the clients. This process allows clients to focus on their portfolios rather than worry about their advisors finances.